• Hard Landscaping Specialists

  • Damien Whyte - Licensed Building Practitioner and Certified Builder

We are an established Northland Construction Company, experienced skilled and qualified in all areas of Concreting, Retaining Walls & Hard Landscaping. We have Qualified & Certified Builders and a Licensed Building Practitioner in our Team.

Who We Are

Hard Landscaping Specialists

Buildall Holdings is an established contracting company situated in the Northland area.

The company has a broad base of skills and experience, which have expanded and enhanced in over 20 years of operation. We have a company philosophy for continuous improvement, both in Technical skills and in customer service, and a consistent high quality of workmanship.

Buildall has a reputation amongst its clients for being well managed and efficient in the execution of contracts, and has successfully completed many County contracts and built up a significant private contract business.

As a company we offer services that are of a high standard and at competitive rates.


Hard landscape construction

Concrete footpaths and driveways

Timber retaining walls

Landscape Renovation Work

Past/Recent Projects


Buildall Holdings will provide an experienced team, and will employ additional local casual staff should a contract requirement dictate.

We will provide all plant and materials required to effect the prompt an efficient completion on the contract commitments.

We will execute work to specification requirements in a safe, efficient and timely manner, emphasizing quality and eliminating the necessity for repairs and rework.

The work will be well planned and executed in a manner likely to cause a minimum of inconvenience.

Buildall complies with all the current health and safety regulations.


  • 2 x 5 ton Tippers
  • 1 x 2 ton Tipper
  • 2 x 3.5 ton Rubber Track Diggers
  • 1 x Bobcat
  • 1 x Pedestrian Roller
  • 2 x Plate Compacters
  • 2 x Portable Generators

Plus other necessary plant to execute the specific contract to specification.